levAR’s Art and Technology Pipeline

Utilizing SHADE, levAR will facilitate everything from asset creation to managing your website experience and marketing channels

Asset Creation & SHADE Implementation

Asset Creation

levAR uses a combination of photogrammetry, game art, graphic art and 3D modeling to create lifelike versions of your products. We take pride in the fidelity of these assets and the speed at which we create them.

Highly Efficient and Easily Transferable Files

Proprietary compression technology and a cloud infrastructure ensure a seamless delivery experience for your end user. Remote infrastrucutre allows us to deliver hyper-targeted content specific to the capabilities of a user’s device.

The SHADE Framework

We make it easy to use our SHADE framework on your site or e-commerce platform. Whether you’re using a platform, like Shopify or Squarespace, or you want to use these assets directly in your social media strategy or email, SHADE makes it possible.

Your Customer's Experience

As AR becomes accessible on more devices, our platform-agnostic technology scales accordingly. Be confident you will always serve your users the optimal version of your AR experience.

Analytics and ROI

Understanding how AR assets impact your traffic, transaction volume, and user engagement is imperative to demonstrating the value in AR experiences. The SHADE Framework is directly integrated into each product page so that actionable datasets can be created.


From the scope of your ideas to the size of your SKU count, levAR and SHADE tools to help you scale your business.