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levAR provides an end-to-end solution that brings your business to life in 3D and AR, increasing engagement and conversions

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SHADE Framework for Web AR

Our SHADE content engine automatically prepares 3D and AR experiences for devices based on their capabilities


Copy & Paste Integration for Any Website

Beautiful & Accurate

Fast, World-Class Asset Creation, Regardless of Size or Material


SHADE is a Platform Agnostic Experience


Built-In Analytics to Measure Higher Engagement and ROI

Tap One of Our Assets to Explore in 3D and AR

Marble Hangar
Benjamin Edgar

High Quality, Easy to Use, Actionable Results

levAR allows your business to create and use high fidelity AR assets that quickly integrate into your website and marketing strategy. Our platform will allow you to use actionable analytics to iterate and understand how your customers and site users are engaging with your brand.

Asset Creation

levAR works with you to quickly create high quality 3D and AR assets

Integration / Code Injection

levAR provides custom code to implement the SHADE Technology on your website

Actionable Analytics

levAR provides pre-built analytics integrations wtih SHADE and your platform

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